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July 18 and 19 USDAA at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley


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July 18, 19 at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA

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What makes this trial special?

Grounds maintained by a premier private golf resort!

BBQ ringside four-star dinner on Saturday evening!

RV’ing ringside on the grass!

Standard classes - two weekends’ worth in one weekend,
for newbies thinking to finish their AD/AAD in one weekend!

Course-a-lure™ - Say no more.

Dog beaches a five minute drive away!

Weather - The best July in the west, including ocean air-conditioning!

Carmel - rated most dog-friendly city in the country!

Canine menu at Edgar’s patio dining!

Vendors - all our favorite regulars plus a professional marketing department bringing in a street fair of products and food!

Spa packages available for you AND for your dog!

Driving School “Land Rover Experience” professional off-road instruction (no kidding: based at Quail Lodge!)

Your significant other - Have you ever heard “I’d love to come with you if there was something for me to do, like golf…”?

Hiking - several adjacent regional parks have scenic waterfalls and riverside trails and ocean vistas and redwood groves





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