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Would you like to Join?

We welcome all people who are interested in dog agility to join us. Your support with both your membership and your volunteer time makes our events possible. Membership is $25 per person per year, or $35 per household.

Members can participate in the email and discussion list, attend meetings and vote, and receives member benefits such as priority to signup for seminars or discounted rates on certain seminars.

Find out more about SMART membership by clicking on the link below to download the membership form.

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Membership Form

Renew Now On Paypal!

Please remember to renew your membership for SMART.  If you are new to SMART we are happy to take on all new members

Member fees paid before December 31:
-20 for individuals

-30 for household

Member feeds paid after December 31
-25 for individuals

-35 for household

Paypal Address for Paypal:

I am asking everyone to complete the application for Membership.  Due to computer crash, we have lost many of our members contact information and only have email.  While I can probably get from Karey, I’d like to update our list with all current dogs and information.


Please note:  
1.  Preferred method of payment is PayPal.  That gets the $$ directly into our treasurers hands.
2.  Please PDF your membership forms to my email or snail mail membership forms to my home in San Martin - 13110 Colony Ave, San Martin, CA 95046

Thank you so very much for supporting your local agility organizations!








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