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Updated 9/2/09
August 29, 30, 2009
Manzanita Park, Prunedale, CA
Entries Close 8/12

Masters Saturday
Masters Sunday
Advanced Saturday
Advanced Sunday
Starters Saturday
Starters Sunday

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Updated 7/17/09
K9 Nose Work Scenting Seminar
Sept 12, 2009
Pacific Grove, CA

9am-12 - Intro to Nose Work
1-4pm - Intro to Odor (for handlers who have previously attended)

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Updated 7/6/09
Puppy Foundation Seminar
Nancy Gyes Foundation and Ground Work
Seminar for Puppies and Beginning Dogs
Sun., Aug 23, 2009
Pacific Grove, CA

SMART proudly presents this one-day lecture/demonstration seminar on skills essential for performance (especially but not exclusively agility) pups from 8 weeks to one year.

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Updated 7/20/09
July 18, 19 2009
Quail Lodge, Carmel Valley CA

Congratulations on some new championships earned this weekend:
Lisa Williams and Steamer- LAA Bronze (150 masters legs)
Laura Pryse and Brazen - ADCH-Silver, Saturday on Tom's gamblers course
Robert Greene ans Beck - ADCH, Saturday on Tom's gamblers
Sandy Zajkowski and Sis - APD (performance ADCH), Saturday on tom's jumpers
Terri LeClair and Heath - ADCH-Silver, Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award (150 masters legs), Sunday snooker
Judy Turner and Suite - ADCH, excruciatingly end of the day Sunday on Chris's master standard.

Congrats also to our GP/PNS winners!
GP 12" - Shelly Permann and Letti
GP 26" - Channan Fosty and Icon
GP 22" - Jim Basic and Sweep
PNS 12" - Marti Fuquay and Bodee
PNS 16" - Sue Rush and Maddie
PNS 22" - Laura Hartwick and Hobbes


These are the ERB's from the trial. ERB sheets are the Event Results Booklet sheets you saw us filling out at the score table; 8.5x11 sheets of paper on which only Q's and Placements are listed. This is the official Q list with
which USDAA updates your title information. If you didn't Q or place then you won't show on these sheets, sorry.

If you see a problem (like, you thought you Q'd but you aren't on these sheets), contact me THIS WEEK (before the friday after the trial date) and I'll be able to check out the issue before I send all the paperwork into USDAA. After friday I'll no longer be in possession of the paperwork and you'll have to contact USDAA if you have any questions about it. I'm at .

The official complete results (including NQ's) will be available on the USDAA subscriber webpages in about a month.

Masters/P3 Results Sat.
Masters/P3 Pairs Sat.
Masters/P3 Results Sun.
Masters/P3 Maps Sat.
Masters/P3 Maps Sun.

Advanced/P2 Results Sat.
Advanced/P2 Results Sun.
Advanced/P2 Maps Sat.
Advanced/P2 Maps Sun.

Starters/P1 Results Sat.
Starters/P1 Results Sun.
Starters/P1 Maps Sat.
Starters/P1 Maps Sun.

Grand Prix/PNS Results
Grand Prix/PNS Map

Steeplechase/PSJ Results
Steeplechase/PSJ Map


General Info Letter
Summary of Entries-Updated
Stats from Karey "Just Because I Can" Krauter-Updated

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Updated 4/27/09
April 25, 26, 2009
Manzanita Park, Prunedale, CA

Masters Saturday
Masters Sunday
Adv Saturday
Adv Sunday
Starters Saturday
Starters Sunday
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